Music Composition

“Empty Houses”, as Straight White Teeth. Released by my current project, this single is part of a series called Physical Truth. I wrote “Empty Houses” and other songs from the series in various locations I lived in around North America during 2017.
“Unseen Things”, as Flashbulb Fires. Working with my old project Flashbulb Fires, I was commissioned to write a song for the 2014 movie Rudderless, which was directed by William H Macy. The result is “Unseen Things” a triumphant dream pop effort.



Iron Curtain, score for video installation. For a short time, I made music under the name Jeremy Flood. I dawned that moniker for a 2014 visual art piece I scored created by artist Ella Trujillo.


“Dark Ghost”, as Flashbulb Fires. This song was released with my former musical project Flashbulb Fires. The song placed as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition in 2012.



Boys with Bigger Hearts, score for documentary. Boys With Bigger Hearts is a documentary film exploring the lives of two boys suffering from Hunter Syndrome, a rare and fatal disease. I scored the soundtrack, which features organic instruments and gauzy synthesizers.
“Lifetime” as Straight White Teeth. Released in 2017, “Lifetime” was a song created under the name of my current project, Straight White Teeth. Early in 2018, it charted up at #6 on KCRW’s morning radio show in Los Angeles.